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We offer a full range of interior design services, from consultancy based interior scheme advice through to a full bespoke re-design of an entire property.


Our approach to interior design is to work together with you, the client, in an open and collaborative way, allowing you to be fully in control of how involved you wish to be, and trust in the design process as it evolves.


We will discuss your ideas and requirements as part of a free initial consultation. Once the project scope has been carefully thought through, we will provide you with a scope of works and fee proposal for your consideration and approval, based on an hourly rate.

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  • Space and layout design

  • Colour schemes and colour palette advice

  • Creation of scheme boards specific to your brief

  • Soft furnishing advice and samples

  • Lighting advice

  • Kitchen design

  • Bathroom design

  • Sourcing of individual furnishings and decorative items

  • Technical drawings,  where required

We also work with busy landlords and property developers in creating a design that maximises the property’s appeal to prospective tenants and buyers, under tight time frame and budgetary pressures. Whether your property requires a complete scheme, freshen up, advice on styling or layout, we have the passion, skills and professionalism to make design work for you.